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Automatic tag editor to help you keep your iPod music tracks organized
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George Taylor

Though correctly tagged audio files are becoming more and more the rule, not every audio track that you upload into your iPod comes with the information needed to keep your playlists and preferred tracks neatly organized. By feeding the program with just some basic parameters, iPod Tag Express can update all the missing information by automatically retrieving the necessary data from the Web and by placing it into the corresponding tag. The program works seamlessly with both MP3 and M4A audio files.

The tags that iPod Tag Express can replace using the information found online are the artist’s name, the album, the year of publication, the title, the track number, and the genre. Besides, when available on the Web, it will also attach to each track a thumbnail image of the original album artwork. The whole process can be customized to fit your preferences – thus, you can check which tags will be updated and which tracks will be modified or left unchanged. The track selection process can be quickly performed using the filters provided or on a one-by-one basis.

The “search and replace” task may require a few seconds for each track (depending on your Internet connection and your computer’s processing speed). Those tracks the program could not find and update are labeled as “No info”, and clearly marked in red, so that you can easily select and tag them manually later. Convenient as all automatic processes are, not-so-accurate matches are also unavoidable – thus, you will find that some tracks are tagged as belonging to some compilation, ignoring the album they are part of. However, the number of mismatches and “unknown” tracks usually represents a small percentage of the total, so if you happen to have hundreds or thousands of audio tracks stored in your iPod, you will surely find iPod Tag Express to be a useful and convenient tool.

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  • Tags your MP3 and M4A audio files automatically using online information
  • Manages your playlists
  • Backs up and restores your playlists


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